Frontline Paralegal Services Ltd. Calgary - We are on the Frontline with you

Legal Disclaimer


What we will do for you:

  We provide Frontline Paralegal services to Albertans in need of professional, effective and economic legal assistance.

- Provincial Court Small Claims*

- Criminal agent services*

- Family/divorce matters*

- Wills and Estates*

- Traffic court agent services

- Family violence / Victim assistance / EPO / protection orders*

- Builders' Liens

- Landlord/tenant matters

- Canada Revenue Agency issues and appeals

- Assistance in legal document preparation*

- Emergency contractual resources (briefs, appeal books, legal research)

- Eclipse database resources

- Commissioner for Oaths

- Assistance with Wills and Estate documentation

- Assistance with preparation of Corporate documents

- Free consultation


 Like paramedics are not doctors, paralegals are not lawyers. We do not provide the same services as lawyers. But, like a paramedic, we stand at the front-line and can provide a valuable service and help protect you and your family from many legal obstacles that come into your life - when they are happening and not after you come up with enough money. 

* Paralegals are only allowed to operate under the provisions of section 106 of the Legal Profession Act.

What this means is that there are certain matters that a paralegal can assist you in and certain matters for which we are prohibited. During our free consultation, we will gather the information necessary to determine if we are in a position to be of legal assistance. 

For situations where we are unable to assist you, we work with excellent lawyers for referral purposes. 

Frontline Paralegal Services Ltd. is not a law firm and is not run, overseen or controlled by lawyers. All visitors and clients use our services at their own risk. We are only able to provide services and advice in accordance with the various legislative provisions in Albertan and Canadian law.